Establishment of Land Information system in Tunisia 2021.05.11


We have been Tunisia from 20th Apr 2015 to 30th Apr 2015 for installing and educating our owned D-DAS program and participating in the Workshop with local relative government organizations including World Bank, KOICA and Korean ambassador to Tunisia in order to establishment of Land Information System.

◎ Installation and education of D-DAS program

We did installation and education of our owned program to main organizations related to Land and university who is interested in our program and wants to educate to their students with that. The education regarding D-DAS program was progressed during 3days. The trainees, who were composed of executives and staff members from each relative organization, were very interested in our program. Moreover, they were very surprised and happy with that our program enables to solve the problems, which they could not operate due to inadequate technical skills, through learning about the program during education period. Although we had some problems from local network condition and unexpected errors in the early installation, we solved all the problems with remarkable technical skills of our owned institute. We issued certificate and souvenir to all the trainees, who completed all the processes. 

Currently, our owned D-DAS program has been installed approx. 15 programs at relative government organizations and university in Tunisia. We will install our programs at organizations and companies related to land and many different types of universities for educating students throughout Tunisia in the future.


◎ Participating in the Workshop regarding establishment of Land Information System in Tunisia

We participated in the Workshop opened from Gammarth in Tunisia on 28th Apr 2015. The purpose of the Workshop was regarding establishment of Land Information System in Tunisia. The Workshop progressed during 5 hours was composed of presentations regarding current status of government organizations related to Land in Tunisia and regarding completed project progressed by Geomexsoft, LX and 2E consulting consortium.

Local officials were very satisfied with completed presentation of our project, which was progressed after LX’s presentation. After that, Discussion and Q&A program given the end of Workshop was progressed favorably by suggesting various solutions regarding different types of questions from local officials. Furthermore, the Workshop was finished with future tasks regarding future plans and problems, which may occur in the future. The present of souvenirs prepared for local officials from Korea was a good time to become more intimated relationship of each other.

Installation and education of our owned D-DAS program and participation of the Workshop, which was progressed by this business trip, was a meaningful time to strengthen our position increasingly and to build up faith between each nations regarding future project will be progressed in order to establishing of Land Information System in Tunisia in the future.