2016 Singapore Communic Asia 2021.05.11


2016 Singapore Communic Asia 


1. Overview

 - Date: 16. 05. 31~06.03
 - Place : Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
 - GEOMEXSOFT CO., LTD. could expand global business network through strategic cooperation with recognized as Asia’s exhibitions

2. Objective
 - To establish a strong global network through systematic relationships with participating companies and visitors
 - To advertise effectively new technology and software of GEOMEXSOFT through a global exhibitions

3. Contents
 . videos of GEOMEX catalog, water level perceiving system, vehicle detection system, AELIS, 3D, Graveyard monitoring system
 . Catalogs of GMS SOLUTIONS AELIS, GIS Engine kit



- Business consulting with visitor 


- GMS Monitoring playback