Who we are

a company that specializes in developing CCTV control and monitoring systems based on Geospatial Information System (GIS).
We commercialize innovative technologies such as GIS engines, public sector systems, ICT disaster safety control systems, and GIS-based convergence.

The GIS engine and spatial information solution developed with its own technology has been recognized both internationally and internationally by obtaining OGC international standard certification and GS certification.In 2018, XEUS PLATFORM, a self-developed smart city integrated platform product, was certified by the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association (TTA).

The participation rate of Geomex Soft's smart city integrated platform foundation project in 108 local governments nationwide is more than 70%.The new physical security market continues to grow. Monitoring of 3D-based facilities that support efficient control functions through integration and linkage of infrastructure along with smart city integration platform, We are expanding our business to markets for intelligent physical security control solutions and disaster platforms.